08 juli 2013

White Wizzard gaat op tournee

Geschreven door: WiM Redactie

Label: Earache

De Britse heavy metalformatie White Wizzard heeft de datums van hun Europese headline-tour bekend gemaakt. De tournee begint op 27 September in Brighton, Engeland. De band wil hun recentelijk verschenen CD The Devils Cut onder de aandacht brengen en doet dit met een reeks concerten in het Verenigd Koninkrijk, Duitsland, Denemarken, Italie en Zwitserland. De tour eindigt op zaterdag 19 oktober met een optreden in Iduna in Drachten.

Bassist Jon Leon: “We are very excited to get back over to Europe.  Giovanni and I have worked hard to get a solid line-up of guys that will actually tour and stick it out and to make White Wizzard a stable entity for the fans.  We appreciate all of our fans being so patient and supportive.  What we have now is a line-up that has been together over a year that is very dedicated and serious.  The fans will finally get to see the five guys that recorded the album and we promise we will not disappoint. This is only the beginning as we are already writing the next album and we are hungry to finally see the band through to its intended vision.  If you dig the album, just wait until you see this group of guys live.  We are on a mission in its first stages and we hope you come along for the ride.  It is going to be a blast!!!”