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Written in Music is an online music magazine with a true love for music. We focus on loyal readers with a broad musical taste; people who take time to dive deep into both music and artist. Written in Music caters to their needs with in-depth articles, album and live reviews, and interviews, written by the most versatile and enthusiastic music journalists in the Netherlands and Flanders.


Internet is a super-fast medium people easily can get lost on. Written in Music offers a quiet, no-nonsense platform that brings a little peace of mind. Within a stylish and clean framework we deliver articles about music, pervaded with professional knowledge and emotion. Quality comes before article length. Our journalists prefer to tell stories that intrigue, without imposed limitations. Our readers prefer long(er) reviews and articles. Written in Music has a serious approach to music and with the experience of our journalists we will continue to impress. Music is a powerful medium driven by emotion. With our outstanding musical knowledge and true passion for music we will continue to surprise our audience.


Written in Music distinguishes itself with a strong musical diversity and in-depth articles. We give journalists an entirely free hand of writing:

A few examples showing how Written in Music distinguishes itself from others:

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(Adult) music lovers, who take time to listen to music and are interested in the background of music.